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Bollywood style of dancing is very much Indian style of dancing and thus there are multitudes of dancing classes that teach this style of dance. Bollywood in itself is one of the dance classes. Most of the students of Bollywood dance pick up its dance steps merely by admiring the actor who is performing it. However, joining a Bollywood dance class helps one to achieve perfection in this style of dance.

Most of the modern dance classes that teach western dance definitely teach you all the typical Bollywood item number steps that incorporate waist and hip movement, popularly known as the latkas and the thumkas in Hindi. Since this style is a mixture of many styles it is in a way easy to learn. Moreover for people who have grown up watching Bollywood songs and dances, it is easy to pick up these steps.

Bollywood dance classes are found in all parts of the country but since Mumbai is a city where Bollywood stars live, there are lots and lots of Bollywood dance classes that are found here. Bollywood dance classes conduct various types of courses. But usually a one month course is enough to pick up the basic dancing skills and some elementary dance steps required to perform on a Bollywood song.

Even a Bollywood dance workshop can be taken to know what essentially this style is all about. Many youngsters start their dance learning through this skill because it is probably Hindi movies that have inspired them to dance.

Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts (SDIPA) which is a dance company has its centers all over India is known for its lessons in Bollywood dance apart from Salsa, Jazz, Rock and roll, Hip hop etc. Bollywood dance classes also offer service incase one needs to prepare for a parody for marriage and wedding functions and other ceremonies.

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