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Just the utterance of the word Bhangra makes your hand go up in the air and Punjabi drums start playing in your head. Bhangra as we all know is the folk dance of Punjab. This form of dance is known for its upbeats and spirit. It is full of life and energy. It can make anyone dance. Bhangra is a celebration of life, happiness and joy. Bhangra is not a very complex form of art. Its simplistic nature lets everyone enjoy this dance. Anyone can learn Bhangra and enjoy its spontaneity. One does not need any prior preparation in terms of dance moves. Instantaneous dancing will make you enjoy Bhangra more. Bhangra gives dancer the freedom to dance the way he or she wants to.

In terms of Punjabi dances, Bhangra is exclusively performed by men with drum being the most essential instrument whereas women perform a dance form called ‘Giddha’. Like Break dance, Bhangra has also achieved a popular status globally mainly because of the large number of Punjabis staying abroad. It is indeed true that not only in Punjab; Bhangra is a favrouite dance of people from other caste and communities as well.

Bhangra is a metaphor for fertility and harvesting. The origin of Bhangra can be traced back to ancient days when Punjabi farmers danced during the season of harvest singing Punjabi songs. It is a dance form that requires tremendous amount of stamina and energy. It is the occasion of Baisakhi that witnesses performances of Bhangra dances all over the Punjab.

Baisakhi is a festival that represents completion of harvesting season. Bhangra is also performed on social occasions like marriage and birth. However, dancing does not necessarily require an occasion sometimes Bhangra is performed without any occasion! Bhangra is performed with drum and rhythmic clapping. Dancers chant ‘Balle, Balle’ and ‘Hoy, Hoy’ to accompany the rhythm.

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