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Though Ballroom dancing is a western style of dance, there are a lot of people especially the young Indians who are eager and enthusiastic to learn this style of dance. A decade ago, one would hardly find any dance classes on this style but today, with dance instructors coming to India with their foreign dance certifications, there are very many dancing schools and classes that incorporate and teach ballroom dancing to the Indian crowd.

The term ballroom dancing is derived from the word the Latin word ballare which means "to dance". Some of the common dance steps that are taught at Latin and ballroom dance classes are Waltz which is performed through dance steps like outside spin, reverse turn, double reverse spin, Tango which is performed through performing steps like progressive side step, open promenade, four step, over sway and back corte. A Foxtrot is performed through basic forward, basic back, promenade step, top spin and basic weave.

A quickstep is also taught at ballroom dance classes which are performed through chasse reverse turn, forward lock, and reverse pivot, fishtail and running finish. Cha Cha Cha is performed through spot turns, time steps, and side steps, hand to hand and Cuban breaks. There are many such great dancing steps that are taught to students who enroll for ballroom dancing classes.

Most of the ballroom dance classes are concentrated towards major metros. However, these classes have also opened up their branches in cities like Pune, Banglaore, Indore, Jaipur, Kanpur, Ranchi etc. Ballroom dancing can be learnt at some of the famous dance classes like Ballroom dreams in Delhi, Sandip Soparkar’s Salsa, Latin and Ballroom dance classes across the nation. Apart from regular ballroom dance classes, there are a lot of free ballroom dance videos that can be a great help too.

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